Performance Health Group is the amalgamation of Performance Health in Vancouver, Guildford Chiropractic in Surrey, and Coastal Health Arts Clinic in Aldergrove.

Our foundation

Vancouver’s Performance Health clinic was established in 2000. On the other side of the Fraser River Guildford Chiropractic in Surrey and Coastal Health Arts Clinic in Aldergrove were established in 1991 and 1996, respectively.

As the treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders changed the clinics evolved and grew in the number of practitioners and services provided to include Active Release Techniques® (ART), Registered Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy (Class IV), Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (SFMA), Functional Movement Screens® (FMS), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS), Graston, Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation® (SASTM), Kinesio Taping , Custom Orthotics, Physical Therapy Modalities and Rehabilitation.

As this was happening, it became apparent that there was a lack of communication between professionals from various disciplines and no established or consistent standard of care. From this evolved our team approach that emphasizes the importance of doctors, trainers and other health experts working through the patient’s health needs together, with full input from the patient.

Subsequently in 2011, under the dynamic new ownership of Dr. Robert Nielsen and Dr. Johnny Suchdev, and a refined mission and vision, from the Fraser Valley to Downtown Vancouver, Performance Health Group was formed.

We welcome our patients, existing and new, to Performance Health Group where we provide the most up to date, integrated and evidence-informed care in a consistent and standardized manner. When it comes to your health and performance, let us treat your conditions related to the musculoskeletal system in a professional and caring environment to not only correct but to prevent and excel. Our quick and effective results will mark us as your number one multi-disciplinary clinic in BC– we guarantee it!



Dr. Johnny Suchdev and Dr. Robert Nielsen.